Dismaland - Banksy's Latest Art Show

Hidden under the pretenses of a movie set called Grey Fox, which even had a Imdb page, the Dismaland is the new internet sensation. Constructed by the controversial artist Banksy inside an old swimming resort from Weston-super-Mare, this so called “bemusement park” is a sort of an post-riot Disneyland. Here Grim Ripper spins the wheel…

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ID – a Fictional Journey into the Psyche, an Art Show with Roots in Urban Culture

Last month, from 14th til 30th of April, the Display Gallery in London hosted an unique event – “ID, a fictional journey into the Psyche”. A group exhibition of 14 international emerging artists, the show featured a wide array of artworks across different media, all with roots in urban culture. The event is a reference…

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