Dana Sibilsky: Our World Transformed through Art

Art is natural to our life and ways as a human being. We begin creating our own works of art when we begin to crawl and get into our mother’s makeup. This simple trait that is native to us from birth has unbelievable power. Through art, we have the ability to reflect, help others feel…

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Fan-Art In Memoriam: Amy Winehouse

On her full name, Amy Jade Winehouse, the famous singer born in London on September 14 1983, was found dead in her apartment, on July 23 2011. But as her fans and other music lovers say, at the young age of 27, she still had a lot to offer, she was talented and if not…

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How Do You See the Map of The World?

Standard maps are not that interesting anymore and that’s why these extremely creative people – photographers, designers or random people with a vast imagination – decided to give world maps a new twist. Some are carved, some are painted, while others are edited pictures of different objects. Funny, interesting or simply amazing these maps are…

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Amazing Paper Art of Peter Callesen

I have always found particularly interesting forms of art created from usual objects. Creating something from scratch is difficult, but creating something out of a material that is so common and is under everyone’s nose is even more difficult. Designed by Danish artist Peter Callesen, the piece of art from the above picture is made…

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Thorsten Brinkmann’s Bizzare Artwork

“When classic portraits meet modern art”. That’s Thorsten Brinkmann art in a few words. A German artist, born in 1971 in Herne who currently lives and works in Berlin amazes with his unusual form of art. Thorsten Brinkmann moves individuals enjoying his works in a way that is hard to describe. It’s not like his…

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