Best Cover Songs of 2015 with a Twist

Sometimes you like covers that replicate the original song really good. You want impeccable voices, preferably as similar as possible to the artist’s voice. But in this case I was looking into covers that did not follow the same pattern, that took one song and tuned it around. They give it a new spin, so…

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Artist Interview: Irmak Dönmez About Expressing through Drawing

We are so grateful to get to meet rising artists and their work. Irmak Dönmez sent us a few samples of her drawing through our contact form. I had the chance to talk a bit with her about her greatest passion, so it is my pleasure to introduce you Irmak, the artist. Laura (Molempire): Tell us…

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Giada Laiso’s Dreamy and Mysterious Photography [Interview]

There are lots of young artists out there trying to be discovered and to show their creations to the public. Giada Laiso, a 21 year art student from Italy is just one of them. Studying photography in Milan and with an inclination towards surrealism, Giada’s imagery features characters as captured from a dream, a dream…

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