Let it Rain! Several Ways to Fight Bad Weather

The last week of September is probably the moment when you realize good old summer is over. Even if once in a while you get to see over 25 degrees, it is time to accept it is done. Autumn is here. And we have to be prepared! After finding your tune for fighting with bad…

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18 Movies You Shouldn’t Miss This Autumn

The Rum Diary movie poster, from InContention. Concerning movies, this autumn has it all: action, comedy and a little bit of drama. You will get to see big shot actors like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Johnny Depp and Antonio Banderas, you can choose to watch a comedy about cancer or see what Puss in boots…

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15 Brilliant Songs About Autumn

My favorite season is upon us. This is when the skies are grey, the days get shorter, the weather is cooler, sleeping gets more satisfying than ever. And besides the sound of rain pouring down your window, there are some other sounds that you may find appealing. This wonderful season influenced songwriters to write some…

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