Mothers to the Rescue

Lesson No.1: Never mess with mama’s baby! If animal mothers could talk they would definitely scream: “Get your paws off my baby!” in situations like the ones presented below. And as if their menacing growls wouldn’t be enough to scare away the attackers, they don’t waste a single second when their babies are in danger….

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Victoria’s Secret Supermodels Become Super Mothers

It is well known that supermodels always have to be in great shape for the runway shows and all the fashion campaigns they take part in. Even so, at one point, as so many other women they want to get married and start a family. But unlike other women, they have to stay fit if…

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Hilarious Babies Gone Viral on Youtube

Babies, babies, babies. They can either be really annoying or they can make you laugh so hard, like you’ve never laughed before. When I hear a baby laugh I can’t possibly keep a straight face because their laughter is absolutely contagious. Their moves are also extremely funny because they have no idea what they’re doing….

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