Hairstyle Trends for 2022

Last year was an amazing year for hair as various hairstyles came about. Thanks to celebrities who seemed to easily switch between different colors, cuts, shapes, and textures, this year is projected to be as exciting as 2021. As most salons are completely back in business, it is not surprising that women’s first stop on…

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Tips for Flawless Summer Skin

While nothing feels quite as relaxing as basking under the warm summer sun, your skin definitely doesn’t agree. The heat and humidity, combined with damaging UV rays and increased pollution, can mean that everything from oily skin and acne to dryness, dark spots, and wrinkles become a daily battle. If you plan on having your…

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How to stand out at a pageant

Every girl participating in a beauty pageant believes that she will be a winner and am sure they work hard with their instructors to do so. When it comes to beauty pageant competitions, looking all glam and sexy is one thing, but there are other things that you need to put in practice as well…

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These 5 DIY Beauty Trends May be Hurting Your Skin

With scores of new beauty bloggers launching channels daily on Youtube and social media flooding with amateur beauty tips and tricks, the world of online skincare has never been bigger or more interactive. While that’s great for budding makeup enthusiasts to learn new skills, not all of the beauty trends recommended online are good for…

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Steps to Feeling Better Inside Your Own Skin

Here’s something that I believed for a really long time: it’s possible to eat whatever you want, do whatever you want and as long as you wear the right clothes and makeup nobody will be able to tell when you feel sluggish or gross. In other words, I firmly believed that I really could fake…

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7 Useful SOS Beauty Tips

Whatever the reasons, temperature, age or genetics, we all have our little beauty problems at some point. Skin, hair, nails and other beauty assets may have a loss of power, and when this happens they should be pampered and taken care of in order to be maintained. Here are few tips for the most common…

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