Your Guide to Different Types of Online Casino Games in Portugal

There are different types of casino games in Portuguese online casinos. And each of these casino games is developed by the online casino industry to be engaging, addictive, and fun to any gambler in Portugal. With these casino games, gamblers have the alternative of playing for free or with real money. That’s not all because…

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Sports Events with the Largest Betting Volumes

Sports betting is gradually becoming a thriving industry, contributing about 30-40% of the world’s gambling market. For many people worldwide, sports betting has added extra excitement to the tournaments and events they watch. It also provides an easy way to make extra money if you’re lucky. So, which sports events with the largest betting volumes…

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Things to Know Before You Gamble Online

In the past few years, online casinos have become incredibly popular, and the online gambling industry has grown massively since it start reaching a worth of approximately $59.6 billion this year. The rise and growth in the online gambling and casino world all boils down to the fact that we are now living in a…

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The 2021 Oscars – The Biggest Year Ever for the Academy Awards?

Huge Milestones, Massive Surprises and Astonishing Snubs Make History The Oscars finally seem to have taken note of the criticism aimed at them in recent years, which has resulted in a host of big surprises in this year’s nominations. The number of awards seems to increase each year too, so there is no way we…

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What Makes Horse Races such Spectacular Days Out

Every year, the sporting calendar is full of amazing horse racing events, from the Grand National to Royal Ascot, there are plenty to choose from. But, what makes horse races such spectacular days out? If you have never been to a racing event, you are truly missing out as they are not only held to…

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eSports in the context of betting

Earnings by betting appeared in ancient times. As you know, in Ancient Rome days, people were making bets on gladiatorial combat. Later betting began to focus on sports, including equestrian. And now the most modern facility of bookmaking is eSports. It was born recently but already gained huge popularity. Its essence lies in the fact…

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