Lit Up Bodysapes Turned Into Amazing Photography

In life usually there are two approaches. In the first one you spent a lot of time, you make efforts to understand and have an aching desire to find your calling and for some it work for some it does not. The second approach is how I like to call it the “lucky strike”. Meaning…

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Turning The Human Body Into 2D Painting

The trend in the art world shifts towards art installations which conquer space. From prints to paintings, nail art and many more, there was a serious struggle to build 3D art. And among this revolution of escaping the canvas and what several have thought to be restraints, there are a few artist who think in…

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Museum Anatomy – Recreating Lost Paintings on a Human Body [Interview]

Chadwick Gray and Laura Spector are the masterminds of a complex project titled Museum Anatomy. By using Chadwick’s body as a human canvas, works from museums around the world are recreated into an unrecognizable human form and then documented through photography. The painting itself is very elaborate, and Chadwick’s position is a key element in…

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A Day In the Life of a Make-up Artist: Carla Dias

Their work is carried in the backstage and you rarely get to see them, you rather see the final product. They’re just one of those people who know that beauty is in every person and try to emphasize it so that the others notice it as well. Only they know the transformation they put a…

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Body Painting: The Human Canvases of Danny Setiawan

Lead me not into temptation… for I can find it myself. And I did, most of it on Danny Setiawan’s website. If art and beautiful women are tantalizing, then look no further. You don’t even have to choose, as famous artworks and gorgeous women have merged in a photographic display. Body painting may come in…

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