Terry Pratchett’s Movies and Books: The Colour of Magic

Photo from Fantasy Fan If you enjoy travelling, imagine that you’re about to embark for the adventure of your life and you reach a land where your money can buy anything. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the customs service messing up your luggage, cause your luggage is on its feet – literally. Photo from Bol.com…

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Terry Pratchett’s Movies and Books: The Hogfather

Photo from jomland Photo from lspace.org Do you believe in fairy tales? Dragons, tree nymphs, people you least expect that turning into heroes, Death riding on a white horse? What about Christmas? Do you still believe in Santa? Well, I’m sorry but Santa isn’t real. The Hogfather, on the other hand, is something worth believing in. The Hogfather is…

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Terry Pratchett’s Movies and Books: Going Postal

Warning! This is not your average movie! The Going Postal in this article has nothing to do with the USPS incidents from 1983.  It has something to do with people who are a bit insane, and by insane I mean characters that have a very outside the box way of thinking. It’s a book by Terry…

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