Jonathan Callan’s Book Sculptures

In the world of UK artists, art seems to┬árevolve around books. Jonathan Callan is one of them. His art distinguished itself from the others because he uses books to create heterogeneous sculptures. Yet, they are fluid and homogeneous since they are made out of books that go through thick and thin to contort and pleasure…

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Amazing Paper Sculptures Performed by the Book Surgeon

Brian Dettmer makes a living with the knife, tweezers and surgical tools by performing minute but precise incisions into books. ‘The Book Surgeon’ is a nickname he acquired due to the nature of his works of art: amazing book sculptures. Unlike other artists that use fiction books to create their works, he only uses predominantly…

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Su Blackwell’s Art in Advertising

Remember Su Blackwell’s artistic books? When I first saw them I almost fell in love; they contain two of the things I personally couldn’t live without: books and art. And lately, her art seeped even in advertising. Photo from Wonderful Photos She started out by cutting out characters from old books and creating dioramas. But…

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When Books Come To Life: 10 Amazing Book Sculptures

Who said that books are only for reading? Try to read this book, with its words cut out. Now who would spend so much time to cut words out of some book, and, more importantly, for what purpose? Book sculpture is the answer. Artists like Brian Dettmer, Su Blackwell and Robert The use actual books…

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