The Addams Family, a Photo Project by Pauline Darley

Pauline Darley, fashion photographer based in France has put up a fun and realistic photo series about the morbid cartoons “The Addams Family“. Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday, Cousin Itt and even The Thing are brought to life in a modern fashionable portrayal through a black and white photographic series. The series brings up some childhood thoughts…

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Futurama – The Endless Source of Witty Subtitles

Futurama tells the story of a dim witted Fry, a delivery boy from the year 2000 who due to his obvious smarts manages to get himself frozen for 1000 years. When defrosted, he meets Bender, a reckless alcoholic robot and a strongĀ one eyed woman, Leela. They all work for a mad and senile professor who…

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