Pictures From a Sex Toy Factory in China

Ever wondered where silent wives actually come from? Those that don’t bug you, stay put and their sole purpose is to offer you company and pleasure? Well, obviously, from China. Unfortunately I’m not talking about actual Chinese women that can also cook, those might be a bit harder to get discreetly shipped in a box…

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Accidental Chinese Hipsters Photos

Have you ever wondered how living in China would be, since all that stuff has “made in China” written on it? The world’s most populated country might be restricted in some ways, and is definitely not the most popular place for hipsters to be born, but accidents do happen. And no, there is no photo…

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Imposing Pictures From the Chinese Communist Party’s 90th Anniversary

The Chinese Communist Party has done it again. Done what? A party. Yes, one to celebrate the party. The other party. The communist one. 90 years of it. Whoa! So you’re curious of how it went? Now just look at ’em toe dancing the altogether: So basically, a grand communist celebration is like a sh*tload…

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