Comedians Who Dare To Say the Truth About Life

You know that the best joke are the one depicting the truth, the harsh truth that almost nobody dares to say on a serious voice. That’s why if you ever listened to comedians on stage, at the end you realize the real insight his lecture had. You laugh, of course you do. It is easier…

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Martina Hill, the Sexy Comedian

First of all, when you think of German women you don’t think of humour. Most of the time you don’t even think of good looks for that matter, although there are great exceptions. But a certain 38 year old from Berlin makes all these prejudices shatter. Starting off working in radio, then parodying Heidi Klum…

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David Armand’s Hilarious Interpretative Dances

If we were to talk about mime, this guy really takes it to the next level. David Armand, an English comedian, actor and writer, appeared this year on the BBC2 show ‘Fast and Loose’, doing interpretive dance routines to different songs. You might have already heard of him – he is quite popular for his…

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Curb Your Enthusiasm 8th Season Premieres on July 10

Seinfeld co-creator Larry David’s own fictionalized series of himself has gotten to the 8th season, to be premiered on the 10th of July on HBO. The cinema-verité-like show is finally going to be shot also in Larry David’s home town, New York, after the first seven California-exclusive seasons. English comedian Ricky Gervais (creator of The…

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Seinfeld Fans Challenge

For all the fans of the funniest sitcom about nothing here’s a picture that should definitely grab your attention. How many episode references can you spot in it? (guaranteed there’s at least 90 of them) And if you just can’t figure out too many of them and you give up, well here they are all. But…

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