Must-Try Affordable Online Art Shops

The best thing that came along with the Internet revolution is the unlimited access to all kind of resources. There are many among us that love art but don’t really want to spend a fortune on it. We all have peculiar tastes and back in the day decorating your house with paintings that absolutely fitted…

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A look into interactive art galleries

People walk into museums but rarely do they discuss about art. They brag about all the galleries they’ve seen during their last vacation but have no clue about the exhibited art. The truth is most of the people get bored inside a museum and modern artist became aware of this. That’s why many modern art…

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Hyperrealism of Human Beings through Sculpture

What happens when a model maker and puppeteer decides to take up sculpture? Imagine a world of fantasy characters, a world of storytelling and imagination transposed into reality. Well, that’s what happened when  London-based Ron Mueck, quit making puppets for children’s television and films and took raw materials to give life to his imagination. He…

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Different Canvas Art and Styles for Everyone

Canvas art is a very versatile option to add famous artworks to your home. Canvas artworks are now available in many styles and designs. The methodologies used in decorating your home canvas have evolved over time. What started as a simple procedure of hanging up photos have become an art in itself. An art that…

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