3 Ways to Entertain Yourself and Friends

  There is nothing better than having your best buddies over, playing host, and treating them to a full evening’s entertainment. However, if this is a regular occurrence, you may be running a little dry on inspiration. Sometimes it is a good idea to ask your friend what they would like to do. However, if…

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Perfect Prepping: Your 5-Step Guide To Mastering The Art of Healthy Meal Prepping

Meal preparation that is both efficient and healthy is not just for the fitness-crazed and the supermoms. With a little bit of planning, you’ll be able to create a rotation of nutritious, balanced meals that will save you time and leave you satisfied every day of the week. This is a process that will become…

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Planning the Perfect Backyard BBQ

As soon as temperatures get back up into the 70s, the urge to host a backyard BBQ skyrockets as fast as your vitamin D intake. Maybe you’re thinking about low budget activities for a sunny Sunday afternoon, planning a Memorial Day celebration for the neighborhood block party, or simply looking for a reason to get…

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Real Food For Real People

It’s safe to say that we’ve moved on massively in our appreciation of good food. Certainly in the United Kingdom, most average families have rejected the instant food culture of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, and are moving towards a general embracing of the benefits of real food. But not everybody is on board. In…

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Cool Shaped Eggs For A Beautiful Morning

Photo by Mr T in DC on Flickr/Creative Commons. Fans of eggs in the morning, either they’re fried or poached, might recognize that the average eggs look just like the ones in the picture above. The eggs that a person with normal cooking skills can do, I mean. Of course, if you’re a famous chef…

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Delicious Cupcakes

We ran across this collection of yummy – looking cupcakes, with inspiring decorations and delicious ingredients. They look so perfect you could almost eat them. Remarkable are the combinations of ingredients and the creative way of personalizing them. Each one looks like a character from a beautiful story. The secret ingredients together with the recipes…

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