Best Cover Songs of 2015 with a Twist

Sometimes you like covers that replicate the original song really good. You want impeccable voices, preferably as similar as possible to the artist’s voice. But in this case I was looking into covers that did not follow the same pattern, that took one song and tuned it around. They give it a new spin, so…

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Top 10 Best Covers of Adele’s Hello

After a five year break, Adele hits us with a song so amazing that the Internet cannot stop talking about it. Keeping the same emotional touch, the undeniable talent of the artist revels itself from the first note. After only three weeks since it has been launched, the song broke all records in sales. Hello…

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Top Covers Of The 2015 Summer

Sometimes looking or hearing something from a new perspective truly changes the experience. Covers are a perfect way to gain popularity. While interpreting a popular song, new artists can emerge and catch our attention. Sometimes is simply different and you listen to it just because you wouldn’t have thought that a specific song could be…

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A Tribute To Whitney Houston: 10 Great Covers

Whitney Houston, photo from Facebook As fans all over the world mourn the death of pop legend Whitney Houston, we have to acknowledge the six-time Grammy winner’s amazing musical legacy. While it’s hard to live up to her jaw-dropping voice, various artists covered her songs along the years, which only proves the massive impact she…

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Brett Domino Means Business

Youtube gives a better chance to geeks in this world and Rob J. Madin makes no exception. Under the alter-ego of Brett Domino, he has released many well-executed covers of popular songs, always kept a straight face, and from under his glasses he acted like he means business. He first posted a video of himself…

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