Pictures From the Crazy Spanish Festival Tomatina 2011

So in 1902 some young Spaniards were unhappy and started a brawl with the local police by throwing tomatoes from the vegetable stand nearby at them. Next year they brought their own tomatoes. And since it perpetuated in the following years, it became a tradition so well kept, that right now Buñol is one of…

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Chicks Power Drymouthing

Guys have always been fascinated with what goes on in front of the mirror in the ladies’ bathroom and it’s the forbidden land where no male shall ever pass. Well, this time girls have decided to share and it’s even become quite a sport, somehow reminding us of dogs sticking their heads out the window. Since…

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The Craziest Wedding Animator Ever: Ultra-Hyper Babushka

Average Eastern European weddings are definitely quite the exhibition for the untrained eye, but this particular one that happened in a Romanian village attracted even national media attention due to its  copiousness. Well she definitely has a solid catchphrase. But what do I make of this? A lesson in uninhibitedness? Insanity? I haven’t decided yet, but…

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