Optical Illusions: Static Images That Seem to Move

Are these images moving? Of course not. They were designed to play tricks on your vision and mind, just for the fun of it. Following the indications, these static images will give you the impression that they are moving, or, even better, things will start to fade away right in front of your eyes until…

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2012 Trends: Totally Confusing Women’s Pajamas

Spring/Summer 2012, what does it have in store for us fashion-wise, you might ask? Well you’ve definitely come to the right place. Nowadays women are much more complex than they used to be in the past decades and the ever-changing currents might be overwhelming for some. Looks like starting 2012, self-awareness is not even trendy…

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Gulp: World’s Largest Stop-Motion Animation Shot With a Nokia N8

‘Gulp’ is a short film by Sumo Science at Aardman – a creative team from Bristol/England, showing a fisherman going about his daily catch. This short movie was shot on location at Pendine Beach in South Wales. Every frame of this stop-motion animation was shot with a Nokia N8, which has a 12 megapixel camera…

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The Power of Ink to Reveal the Invisible

Dip your brush in water, now with a few creative moves make a ‘transparent’ drawing on the paper, then drip a few drops of ink at the edges: your drawing will come to life in an instant. Combine water-painting with a few drops of ink here and there and the result could be quite amazing….

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Most Creative And Unconventional Chandeliers

I know that some persons can be quite creative but when I found these pictures I was pleasantly surprised to see that some are not just creative but they also manage to send a positive message through their art work: support sustainability. Below you can see some of the most interesting and beautiful chandeliers as…

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5 Great Ways To Boost Up Your Creativity

Half of the people live their life with their brain in stand-by. They confuse their ideas with someone elses’, thinking that the effort is all their “creation”. Well, creative thinking is the only one generating ideas. The only one capable of taking you out of the sleep you’re surviving in, helping you to become more…

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