Star Wars Yoga by Rob Osborne

Were you aware that Darth Vader‘s favorite Yoga positions are “Revolved Lunge”, “Reverse Warrior” and “Half Lord of the Fishes”? Well neither was I, but self-entitled writer/artist/world conqueror Rob Osborne was creative enough to imagine this. And much more… Ranging from $13 to $19, posters of the Star Wars Yoga are available to buy on…

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The Eating Habits of a Star Wars Nut

Some people love the clear sky in a summer night, others simply want to see stars everywhere. And others have developed an obsession for Star Wars. The breakfast of every Luke Skywalker could probably look something similar to the pictures below. First you destroy the watermelon Deathstar, then you get a kick out of crunching…

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Get Your Star Wars Dishes Now!

The Star Wars franchise, causing geeks jizz in their pants since the 1970s and giving wannabe-geek women a support for their nerdiness, is ever-abundant in items of all sorts. Star Wars dishes are, thus, a suitable acquisition for any dorky household in the world. Photos from Are you a freak, you absolutely love maths…

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The Dark Holiday of Darth Vader

California-based photographer Nick Presniakov presents an all-time famous antagonist of peace and virtue, seen from a frolic perspective. The project, named “The Dark Holiday”, is, however, unlike most of his other work, having a humorous approach. So here we have good old Vader in the train station, ready to say goodbye to all woes and…

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