The Fantasy World of Terry Pratchett

Remember when scientists said the world was flat? Well, the world is flat. Terry Pratchett’s Discworld at least… According to him, the world is on a giant turtle named A’Tuin the gende of which is a mystery. On top of A’Tuin there are four elephants that sustain the Discworld. Photo by Paul Kidby Do you believe…

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Amy Winehouse Fans Return to Her Music

Following her death in her Camden apartment, fans all over the world seem to have gone on a Winehouse listening spree. Scrobbling service shows that user habits have drastically changed in the past week concerning her music. Photo by Fionn Kidney on Flickr. Although her scrobbling numbers are increasing now, just prior to her…

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Infographic: The Truth About Sitting Down [Poll]

Whether tending our crops or hunting wild boar, most of our lives as human were lived on our feet. But with the advent of TV, computers, and the desk job, we’re sitting down more than ever before in history. Click to enlarge image! [poll id=”6″]

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Picture Of The Day: Fuck Yeah!

The ones who couldn’t attend the Royal Wedding are now invited to Bin Laden’s memorial service. – more jokes. Photo Credits: teh interwebs.

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Wanna Read Some Fresh Osama Bin Laden Jokes?

After United States president Barrack Obama announced on Sunday night that Osama Bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda and, basically, the most hunted man in the world, was finally killed in Pakistan, the internet… went a little crazy. On social networks Twitter and Facebook the terrorist’s death is a trending topic, and internet users from…

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