Inspiration for Your Decoration Portfolio

Interior decoration is a very important process, because it transforms a house into a home. Having a designer to help you is ideal. But if you can’t afford to work with one, you can always gather inspiration from their work. It is fascinating to see that the¬†design used for their presentation website usually reflects the…

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Zuhair Murad The “Star Rocketing Designer”

Zuhair Murad seems to be the latest fashion star. He has gained the name of ¬†“star rocketing designer” due to his extremely creative collections that are now worn by many celebrities. He has extremely original ideas when it comes to what a woman should wear to complement her shape and beauty. Thanks to his unbeatable…

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8 Sources Of Inspiration For Designers This Fall

Every designer starts a collection from an idea or a concept. Either its past trends, a movie, a trend, a movement or a personality, every season we’re amused or pleasantly surprised by designer’s choice of inspiration. Focusing only on London Fashion Week, we classified the most commonly met themes for this fall. Here’s what got…

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