What You Need to Know About Weight Loss in 2022

When the year 2020 started and the world was sent into quarantine, we had to reassess everything in our lives- including fitness. Going to a public gym was not an option anymore, and if you didn’t have a gym at home, you had to come up with creative ways of getting that workout. Needless to…

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What You Should Know About Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers weight loss program has been around for about six decades. In 2018, it rebranded to WW and revamped its program. This diet is favored because it initiates a lifestyle change. Look at patriciaandcarolyn.com for guidance on the WW diet and to learn more about the changes. The site also highlights those who managed…

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Can a Healthy Diet Help Fight Viruses?

The world is evolving at such a great speed that it’s hard to keep track of all the newest technologies. At the same time, it’s turning into a war zone, with hundreds of viruses roaming free, searching for a chance to attack you. It’s almost impossible to survive without a protective shield on and a…

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Stop Dieting; Eat Intuitively

Nowadays, it’s very hard to watch television shows or videos without an ad on weight loss supplements and steroids mixes. It appears there is a novel recommendation for weight loss anywhere and everywhere, but I’d say people should leave their dieting and start eating intuitively. The reason is simple because this emerging concept is an…

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Want To Lose Weight? Eat Enough Protein!

Reducing food drastically is all too common nowadays; however, in regards to protein consumption, more could lead to longer-term weight loss. People often turn to supplements, such as fat burners or even more enhanced ones like Clenbuterol Sopharma. They feel as though their bodies aren’t responding to the low quantities of food and, as a…

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The Fast-Food Diet

Photo from FIOTD Try convincing anyone that you can lose weight while being on a fast-food diet and chances are you’d be laughed off the face of Earth. However, as crazy and strange this may sound, one Indiana 20 year old college student turned to a Subway sandwich diet as a desperate effort to fight…

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