Spoiler Alert: Matthew Weiner Reveals How Mad Men Will End

Highly acclaimed drama Mad Men won’t be back with its fifth season until March 2012; however creator Matthew Weiner has already revealed how he envisions the grand finale of the show. In an interview for the Grantland, Weiner states that he intents to carry the action of the show until 2011, portraying a 84-years-old Don…

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Mad Men: What Makes Don Draper’s Karma?

We’ve seen him in Mad Men at his best, heard him around the web say What a lot, and certainly admired the way he comes up with ideas. Don Draper, the creative director from AMC’s television show Mad Men is one of those characters who can’t let you stand passive while he sells ideas and…

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Gorgeous Mad Men Outfits

Besides all the advertising, drinks and Don Draper, the 1960s drama Mad Men features a set of gorgeous outfits, which underline so well the spirit of the time, the habits from the corporate world, and complete the sparkle of some characters. Either we’re talking about a primary character, a secretary or just an episode apparition,…

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A Look At Mad Men’s Best Ads

In the 1960 golden era of advertising, the Mad Men from Sterling Cooper, an advertising agency from New York, reveal their not-so-perfect and commercial-like lives. The show focuses mainly on executive director Don Draper, a talented man who lives in a big lie. But beyond Draper’s success, good looks, mystery, beyond Christina Hendricks’ boobs, and…

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