The E-Sports Event with the Largest Prize Pool in History is Starting Today

The annual e-sports championship called The International is beginning today in Bucharest, Romania, after being postponed for 2 years because of Covid. The prize pool is as big as ever, the total reaching over USD$40 million, which makes it the largest prize pool in e-sports history. photo source Tickets Refunded But is a city like…

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How Random Number Generation Works in Games

Random Number Generators (RNG) are an essential part of electronic and computer-based games, including (but not limited to) video games. As the name suggests, an RNG generates a number or series of numbers at random, essentially simulating the roll of a dice or any other method of introducing chance into a game. The number generated…

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The Best Strategy Games That You Can Play Now

Strategy gaming is incredibly popular and has become even more so throughout lockdown as people from all over the world are devising plans, building characters, and competitively gaming. People enjoy divulging into these games so much because of the varying levels of thinking required, plus the fact that every new game, be it a tabletop,…

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