The Depeche Mode Fanbase Anomaly in Eastern Europe: A Timeless Devotion

Capturing the Essence: Depeche Mode’s Journey Through Time In the ever-evolving realm of music fandom, some phenomena stand out as particularly intriguing. One such phenomenon is the enduring and fervent fanbase of Depeche Mode in Eastern Europe. Despite the band’s global success peaking in the ’80s and ’90s, their Eastern European fanbase has not only…

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Stop Motion Eastern Europe Road Trip Video by Ofer Rozenman

In September 2014, Ofer Rozenman and his friends traveled across Eastern Europe in a 3000km journey and shot “yet another stop motion road trip video”. Shot with a Sony RX1, this captivating and dreamy travel video captures 200GB and 8000 stills covering Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Italy. It just makes you want to pack…

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The Craziest Wedding Animator Ever: Ultra-Hyper Babushka

Average Eastern European weddings are definitely quite the exhibition for the untrained eye, but this particular one that happened in a Romanian village attracted even national media attention due to its ¬†copiousness. Well she definitely has a solid catchphrase. But what do I make of this?¬†A lesson in uninhibitedness? Insanity? I haven’t decided yet, but…

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