Vital Virtues – Why More Entrepreneurs Are Choosing Virtual Offices In Hong Kong

Any entrepreneur worth their salt always needs to be on the lookout for money-saving and opportunity-maximising tools and techniques. Especially in the Hong Kong business environment, which is known for being friendly but also fiercely competitive, it can pay off to be one step ahead of your rivals. With the popularity of coworking space in…

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How to build a property portfolio that works best for you

Aiming to build your property portfolio can be a daunting prospect at first. Recognizing positive trends in the housing market and understanding the potential in different property investments will stand you in good stead to make lucrative decisions that will lead to a positive, prosperous, long term investment. With the private rented sector outperforming most…

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How to Turn Your Marketable Skill into a Small Business Venture

The advent of technology has made flexible working methods increasingly popular in the UK, and this has had 2 significant consequences within the employment and business markets. Firstly, it has allowed employees to fulfill their job roles from home, and enabled them to complete a schedule of work that suits their personal circumstances. Secondary to…

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