Dara Scully Tells Stories in her Nude Photography [Slightly NSFW]

At only 23 years, Spanish Dara Scully is not just a photographer. She’s a free spirit, a storyteller, and a character in her stories, stories which mix fantasy elements of a child’s world with erotic and nude elements of a grown up’s world. It’s a mysterious world oscillating between two extremes, worth discovering and diving…

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Escape From Reality in Lissy Elle’s Magical Photography [Interview]

Lissy Elle Laricchia is a young 18 year old photographer based in Canada. Exploring fantasy worlds which most of the times feature female characters or even herself as the main character, her imagery emanates a certain magic filled with a vintage vibe. Childhood fairy tales reinvented, tea parties, tutus, levitating girls, childish adventures with monsters…

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