Your First Patek Philippe: A Beginner’s Buying Guide

Beauty, elegance, and uniqueness—these are just some of the words that people often associate with Patek Philippe watches. But, of course, hefty prices that start at a minimum of $12,000 are also one of them. While it’s the case, tag price is often the least concern of a true watch collector who knows the value…

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Why Does Rolex Have a Special Place in the Industry?

Rolex is a luxury watch brand that occupies a special place in the watchmaking industry. It produces some if not all the most valuable luxury timepieces in the world. Throughout the years, its watch models have become symbols of economic status and personality. For instance, if someone sees you wearing a Day-Date or vintage Submariner,…

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What type of eyeglass will go good for your face?

Do you have a hard time choosing the perfect eyeglasses to go on your face? Does it take you long, puzzling hours just to select a pair of glasses? Well, you are not the only one out there. Most of us are forced to scratch our heads at the spectacle store when buying new glasses….

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Ideas for Unique Men’s Fashion Accessories

Who says that women are the only ones who can be fashionable with unique and uncommon accessories that make a huge fashion statement? In fact, lots of men are becoming trendier than ever before when it comes to clothing and how they are dressing. There are so many unique accessories and styles for men to…

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