Five Outfits for Oscar Nominees at Best Actress in a Leading Role

The Academy Awards gala is just around the corner. Imagine the pressure the nominees are under. But they are not the only ones felling the Oscar rush. Everyone who attends it’s probably exited and can’t wait to get on that red carpet. Do you remember the gowns from last year? There were a lot of…

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Flower Petals Turned into Fashion Inspiration

Artists gather inspiration from the space that surround them. It is their choice to let the outside world inside their creations. Bits and pieces from their life are placed in their creations, sometimes bluntly, other time subtly. It takes a keen eye to perceive these influences, to spot what exactly is the story behind a…

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Tata Christiane Fashion or the Absurd Vision of Beauty

Tata Christiane is a fashion label based in Berlin who redefines the idea of beauty. Tata and Hanrigabriel, the artists behind the name of the label experiment with extremes, mixing the grotesque, the absurd with the extravagant in colorful and bold collections. Playing with the borders of elegance and bad taste, they produce unique pieces…

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Diane Von Furstenberg – Wrapping the Dress for Success

Who said you can’t be comfortable and still look fantastic in designer duds? The stunning Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress is a clear example of what sheer imagination and outstanding talent can do. “I am not interested in making children’s clothes,” Diane says. “I want little girls to want to grow up to wear the…

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Building A Fashion Label From Scratch: Diana Bobar

The world of fashion is twisted, yet amazing and unexpected. There are more than enough individuals who fool around with fabrics calling themselves fashion designers, but the question is how many succeed in making a point or turning their name into an appreciated fashion brand? Truth be told, it’s really hard to develop your passion…

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