Fashion In Movies: Lovely Vintage Looks From The King’s Speech

Photo from Multiple-award winning movie The King’s Speech bringsĀ  series of vintage 30s and 40s inspired outfits that look great on the feminine characters: Helena Bonham Carter who portrays Queen Elizabeth and Eve Best who plays the role of Wallis Simpson. Carter’s displays some elegant and chic outfits which for once make her look…

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10 Great Fashion Movies From the Last Decade

Some movies are worth watching just for the fashion. Either the subject is fashion or not, there is a great deal of movies out there which have inspired fashionistas as well as designers. Documentaries about important figures in the industry or just biopics, or maybe an easy comedy for a Saturday evening, we selected some…

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Fashion In Movies: Angelina Jolie’s Outfits In The Tourist

The Tourist wasn’t a movie to rank in tops, and it’s not a thriller, nor a romance in my opinion. It’s a movie which emphasizes best Angelina Jolie‘s beauty. All the cameras are on her andĀ  it seems like one simple glimpse of a gesture, or a close up on one of her body parts…

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