How To Add Glamour To Your Summer Wardrobe

We all want that summer wardrobe that everyone is jealous off. With designer clothing, contemporary pieces, luxury accessories and some fantastic shoes to really make us stand out from the crowd. But where do you start? Which pieces are a must? How do you decide what to invest in? The Gorgeous Pair Of Statement Heels…

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Your Essentials Kit for Hot Summer Days

I don’t know were you are living, but in my town the averages have passed 85 °F (29 °C). Which in my book, this sure feels like summer. So I’m preparing my list of summer essentials, some stuff you absolutely need to survive hot days and enjoy the sun without any repercussions. So, here it…

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The Animal Print

There are many times when you want to show the wild animal that lives inside of you. It may be when you’re posing for one of those hot Nashville photographers, or just when you want to party in a club. Every girl has those crazy moments when she wants to look hot, confident and loud….

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Floral Prints for Spring

Spring is the perfect blend of beautiful, a picturesque setting of a fresh cool breeze or a hand-picked bouquet of daisies. For those who desire trend worthy apparel, spring brings a gentle combination of soft pastels and floral print clothing that are in full swing. Floral print is one of the hottest trends to hit…

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Stay Ahead of the Curve: 2013 Fashion Trends

Something more challenging than the end of year accounts awaits you. Yes, it is the ever evolving 2013 fashion trends. The fashion predictions for spring/summer of 2013 are finally out and the race to stock up wardrobes whilst staying up to date with fashion has begun. The style for the New Year is simple, sleek,…

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Top 3 Must Have Fall Fashion Trends

If you want to stay ahead of the crowd this Fall and make sure you look great, then the time has come to update your wardrobe. Here are three of the top trends this season which no fashionista will want to be seen without. Color Blocking This trend was a big hit during the summer…

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