Dud Specialty Pizzas to Avoid at Domino’s

Not all specialty pizzas at Domino’s are all that special. To help make sure you get the pizza you deserve, you may want to steer clear from the pizzas on our list. One of the sure ways of getting the pizza you actually want is to build your own pizza. That means you can cherry-pick…

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Popeyes Restaurants for Sale: Are Fast Food Franchises Worth the Hassle in 2021?

Over the past two decades, the economics surrounding the United States of America have undergone some drastic changes. With technology changing how people live and think, many businesses have either closed shop or remained active only online. However, you might be surprised why real estate investors are running towards fast food investments such as popeyes…

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The Fast-Food Diet

Photo from FIOTD Try convincing anyone that you can lose weight while being on a fast-food diet and chances are you’d be laughed off the face of Earth. However, as crazy and strange this may sound, one Indiana 20 year old college student turned to a Subway sandwich diet as a desperate effort to fight…

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The 12 Year Old McDonald’s Burger

The 1996 McDonald’s Burger preserved for 12 years was one of the best stories that hit the web in 2008. And even though almost two years have passed since the moment, I still find the experiment applicable nowadays. Karen Hanharan is a wellness consultant, and while teaching her workshops she uses the example of the…

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