Perfect Playlist for Intense Study, and why you Really Need it

When the time comes to study for a big exam, a lot of students face distractions such as dorm mates goofing off in the hallways or roommates watching TV on full-blast. But going to the library to seek out some peaceful study can be next to impossible given all of that coughing and page-flipping in…

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Pictures From the Crazy Spanish Festival Tomatina 2011

So in 1902 some young Spaniards were unhappy and started a brawl with the local police by throwing tomatoes from the vegetable stand nearby at them. Next year they brought their own tomatoes. And since it perpetuated in the following years, it became a tradition so well kept, that right now Buñol is one of…

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Join Europe’s Biggest World Music Festival This September

From the category of world music festivals that will rock your mind and soul this September, PLAI festival is just the thing to end your summer with and get refilled with energy and positive thoughts for a brand new autumn. Now, if you’re not from Romania it’s most probable you have no idea what PLAI…

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Gorgeous Dresses From The Cannes 2011 Red Carpet

Currently in progress, the 64th annual Cannes Film Festival is being held from May 11 to May 22. And while movie enthusiasts from all around the world are mainly focusing on reviews, awards and screenings, fashion lovers have their fair share of excitement, as celebrities hit the red carpet with gorgeous designer dresses and accessories,…

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