The 2021 Oscars – The Biggest Year Ever for the Academy Awards?

Huge Milestones, Massive Surprises and Astonishing Snubs Make History The Oscars finally seem to have taken note of the criticism aimed at them in recent years, which has resulted in a host of big surprises in this year’s nominations. The number of awards seems to increase each year too, so there is no way we…

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The Death of the IMDb Discussion Boards: Where to Now?

On the 20th of February IMDb has shut down their entire discussion boards, including the private messaging system, motivating that they have been taken over by trolls and have become a liability in terms of their credibility. The impact this has on the average cinephile is far beyond what IMDb assumed it would be and it…

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Journey at MTV Movie Awards

The MTV Movie Awards is an annual award show presented by MTV  to honor outstanding achievements in films. The Winners of the awards are decided online by the general public. Nothing seems to stop Leonardo Dicaprio, who won the Oscar for the best actor in 2016. His most popular role was Jack Dawson in the fantastic…

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Make A Scene – French Connection

Ever wanted to try out being a director? French Connection is making your dream come true via their innovative campaign, Make a Scene. Created by agency 101, the Make a Scene campaign invites you to ‘make a scene’ by creating a film from a combination of pre-shot scenes with actors wearing French Connection clothes. You can…

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Antonio Banderas Reunites With Pedro Almodovar For Exciting Thriller

After starring in most of Pedro Almodovar’s earlier movies, Antonio Banderas is making a 21 years comeback under the renowned Spanish director’s command. In The Skin I Live In, Banderas is breaking out the Latin Lover pattern he’s created in Hollywood and is playing a calculating revenge-seeking plastic surgeon following the rape of his daughter. Labyrinth…

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