What You Need to Know About Weight Loss in 2022

When the year 2020 started and the world was sent into quarantine, we had to reassess everything in our lives- including fitness. Going to a public gym was not an option anymore, and if you didn’t have a gym at home, you had to come up with creative ways of getting that workout. Needless to…

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Stay Supported in your Training with Emerge Fitness

Are you a power athlete? Do your training demands take you to the peak of your performance and beyond? If you are pushing boundaries with your strength and conditioning, CrossFit or weightlifting, then you understand the importance of support. Support makes the difference when you encounter challenges in your workout or competition. When these challenges…

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Don’t Get Toned, Get Happy

Despite having been thoroughly debunked, the myth that you can get “toned” persists in magazines, on fitness websites, and in the minds of people starting exercise regimes. If your goal is to get the look associated with being toned, you don’t need to obsess over doing hundreds of reps with tiny weights, but you do…

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Rollerblading Safety for Beginners

Rollerblading and inline skating are great activities that you and your children can get involved in together. They are easy to learn and appropriate for all children over the age of five. Make sure you start off with a good quality pair of roller skates, and educate yourself and your kids in the importance of…

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