Have Yourself a Very Mole Empire Christmas!

Photo from snooowflake on tumblr 2012 has been an interesting year for Mole Empire. Thanks to some brilliant artists out there our platform has grown and extended to contain a mixture of  photography, art installations, painting, drawing, graphic design, styling, or even artistic creations that are hard to be defined but definitely worth mentioning. We…

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Food Sculptures Reinvented in Dan Cretu’s Eco Art

Somewhere between Terry Border‘s hilarious Bent Objects and the conceptual photography of Horacio Salinas, Romanian photographer Dan Cretu assembles edible sculptures of regular objects made entirely out of food items. Adding a new twist to the food photography, he names the colorful creations “eco art”, name inspired by his fans’ community. Having worked in advertising,…

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6 More Landscapes That Make You Say YUM!

If we were ants, this is probably what Heaven would look like. It might sound weird to picture yourself as a dead insect but think about it: no one to command you, no busting your chops gathering food, no worries. Food would be everywhere so all you’d have to do would be to focus on…

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