Three Types of Betting Bonuses Available Today

As more countries and states vote to relax their laws regarding online gambling, the betting industry becomes more competitive. Today, established names from the era of high-street sportsbooks and land-based casinos can no longer rely on past performances and reputation to survive. They have been thrown into a battle against online-only and start-up bookies for…

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Sports Events with the Largest Betting Volumes

Sports betting is gradually becoming a thriving industry, contributing about 30-40% of the world’s gambling market. For many people worldwide, sports betting has added extra excitement to the tournaments and events they watch. It also provides an easy way to make extra money if you’re lucky. So, which sports events with the largest betting volumes…

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English Title Contenders and Their Transfers So Far

The Premier League has established itself as the richest football league in the world, but in the fight for European supremacy it still has a lot to do, even with the ridiculous transfer money that is being spent. Starting last season (2016-2017) it was generally agreed that the EPL has captured some of the best managers…

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Italy Sees Off Germany

With a header and a very well directed shot, Balotelli seems to have been the positive hero this time, as he was undeniably the man of the match by scoring 2 goals. The Euro 2012 has experienced lots of racist chanting, with UEFA fining several football associations, among which the Russian one, which was made…

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