Strobe Lightning Patterns in Photography

When it comes to photography, some might think it is a fairly limited passion. If you are one of those people, we have some news flash. Photography is a complex art and it takes time, talent and perseverance to master it. We’ve met so many photographers with a great eye and creative ideas. We’ve seen…

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Project Highlight: Shot Proof

We’ve met Rachel through a previous submission, her Polaroid inspired project was a great find. She manages to find a universal language trough her art. Her work resonates with people and finds a common ground for appreciation. We really liked her latest series: a mix of emotions, cleverness and talent that tackle a really sensitive…

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Artist Interview: Katharina Fitz About Photography in a Socio-Political Context

When artists present us their work they introduce us into a new world, a different perspective, a new approach. We’re thrilled when you submit art to be featured on our blog and we are more than happy to get to know you as an artist. On one of these fortunate encounters we’ve met Katharina Fitz,…

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Artist Interview: Keiko McCartney with Insights on Photography

It was our pleasure to discover Keiko’s work when she first submitted her work to be featured on our blog. She’s Spanish, she’s 22 years old and has an extraordinary talent for photography. Currently she’s a freelance photographer and writer. To find out more about her journey and discover her amazing work, she was kind…

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Marina Loram’s Timeless Feminine Photography [Interview]

Timeless feminine photography, with natural lighting, and a vintage vibe all completed by a romantic influences, that’s how the young promising freelance photographer, Marina Loram describes her works. In a world where visual artists try nonstop to change the norms by shocking and disturbing scenarios, good old classic photography is hard to find. That’s why…

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