7 Funniest Hybrid Animals That Reddit Users Made

In times of genetic mutations it’s best to keep your opinions and preferences to yourself. Not when dealing with funny animal pictures on the Internet, though. That’s safe. Many generous users from the “HybridAnimals” subreddit have been making awesome works of mutated art and shared them with the world. Some better than others, some funnier,…

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A Fun Day In The Life of a Fluffy Cat

If you have a cat you surely have noticed a thing about it that makes you proudly acknowledge that it’s yours. Either rubber bands are chewed or it bounces of the walls, sometimes leaving paw prints, it just makes you want to smile and pick up the furry little thing in your arms. So this…

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Kittens on Legendary Album Covers

In a world where felines are among the most idealized and praised creatures, virtually for doing nothing and being arrogant about it, someone had to come up with this at some point. The popularity of a rock star combined with that of a kitten is a dangerously awesome combination, so here you have it, cats…

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Lolcats Become House-cats

LOLcats always seem to fool around bringing up funny or ironical jokes. They usually ‘say’ the silliest or funniest of things but lately it seems that LOLcats settled down and rumor has it they are great housewives or…cleaning ladies. If you don’t believe me, take a look at these pictures which prove that they can…

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4 Crazy Things Your Cat Might Do

Cats are incredibly smart, there’s no doubt about it. Sometimes maybe suspiciously smart. They surprise us with their choices and decisions because as we know, you can’t actually teach a cat things if your cat’s not on board with your teachings.┬áBut cats can make decisions on their own; for instance, they can choose their hobbies…

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