7 Funniest Hybrid Animals That Reddit Users Made

In times of genetic mutations it’s best to keep your opinions and preferences to yourself. Not when dealing with funny animal pictures on the Internet, though. That’s safe. Many generous users from the “HybridAnimals” subreddit have been making awesome works of mutated art and shared them with the world. Some better than others, some funnier,…

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The Ugliest Dog Awards

Dog beauty is always a matter of pure subjectivity and preferences vary from person to person, but there’s one thing most people agree on: cute little puppies. Because everyone knows, dogs are way cuter when they’re small. But then, at the opposite side, how would you imagine an Ugliest Dog contest with old, seemingly diseased…

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Alcoholic Dogs Drinking Beer

Every dog owner knows that you can quit half your human friends once you have a canine companion. But not all dog owners know that you can actually make your pet a good drinking buddy too. Need proof? Check this out: Gulp gulp, looks like these dogs have developed a fine taste for black beer….

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