Amazing Games for Harry Potter Lovers

Harry Potter is a series that has inspired numerous creators. Today, you can even see comics and magic slots which are available with National Casino first deposit bonus. Moreover, lots of developers released lots of magic games. Here are the greatest of them. Lego Creator: Harry Potter Dilogy A dilogy of two computer games released…

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From Poker to Hearthstone – Is There Really Any Difference?

Hearthstone has been blamed more and more by its large fan base of becoming increasingly RNG-based and not rewarding skilled players, with wins relying almost solely on drawing the right card at the right time or having the random events go in your favor. So why would someone feel any different when playing Hearthstone or…

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eSports in the context of betting

Earnings by betting appeared in ancient times. As you know, in Ancient Rome days, people were making bets on gladiatorial combat. Later betting began to focus on sports, including equestrian. And now the most modern facility of bookmaking is eSports. It was born recently but already gained huge popularity. Its essence lies in the fact…

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