Best Secret Santa Ideas Under 20$

If you are part of a company which even remotely likes Christmas and the idea of gift swapping, you’ll end up buying Secret Santa gifts. The principle is simple, you gather the team, you add all the names in a bowl and everyone extracts one. If you don’t have the time to do this, than…

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8 Adorable Geeks from Modern TV Shows

Age of the geek, baby! That’s what Hardison from ‘Leverage’ says every time someone starts questioning his habits. With plenty of TV shows out there,  technology becoming more and more important and geeks conquering the world, it was just a matter of time for the TV characters portrayed as ‘nerds’ to become attractive. Here is…

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Get Your Star Wars Dishes Now!

The Star Wars franchise, causing geeks jizz in their pants since the 1970s and giving wannabe-geek women a support for their nerdiness, is ever-abundant in items of all sorts. Star Wars dishes are, thus, a suitable acquisition for any dorky household in the world. Photos from Are you a freak, you absolutely love maths…

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The Geek Finding The Sex Partner

Photo by Rodrigo Paoletti on Flickr. I said SYN She replied ACK And I was like SYN+ACK?! Wow cool; let’s grab a drink. So I asked her Accept-encoding: on-rocks, soda? She replied Content-length: 50ml Content-encoding: on-rocks So we consumed the first GET Did some parallel requests for the resources Then… GET /wanna-go-home-see-my-brand-new-core-i5-laptop 200 OK she…

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