3 main reasons why global street art is so powerful

From its inception, street art was meant to be transgressive: its rise in the 1970s as a subculture phenomenon was out of rebellion against urban blight, poverty, and failures of the modern world structure. Today, street art can be found on buildings, sidewalks, street signs and trash cans all across the world, from Tokyo to…

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Instagram Inspiration. 10 Artists You Need to Follow

I simply love Instagram. No fluff, no unneeded information. You can build your stream to match your style and taste. Don’t feel obliged to follow your friends and acquaintances, find people who inspire you and create a visual stream that will energies you.  Here are some accounts I’ve discovered and really like. They are all…

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Dismaland - Banksy's Latest Art Show

Hidden under the pretenses of a movie set called Grey Fox, which even had a Imdb page, the Dismaland is the new internet sensation. Constructed by the controversial artist Banksy inside an old swimming resort from Weston-super-Mare, this so called “bemusement park” is a sort of an post-riot Disneyland. Here Grim Ripper spins the wheel…

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Jesse Olwen’s Graffiti-like Street Art

Jesse Olwen is an interdisciplinary visual artist based in South Korea, whose talents span across painting, drawing, sculpture, and more recently tattoo art. Recently awarded 5th place in this year’s International emerging Artist Award Golden 10 Section, the artist has quite an amazing background, having worked for nearly a decade as a glass artist and…

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Inspired by Cupcakes

From weddings and costumes, to tattoos and graffiti, cupcakes invaded our world and made it more colorful and peaceful. Girls wear jewellery inspired by them, designers dedicate collections to them, artists around the globe create art around them…cupcakes, who doesn’t love them? Even if you try to educate yourself for becoming more food-aware, I am…

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