Hairstyle Trends for 2022

Last year was an amazing year for hair as various hairstyles came about. Thanks to celebrities who seemed to easily switch between different colors, cuts, shapes, and textures, this year is projected to be as exciting as 2021. As most salons are completely back in business, it is not surprising that women’s first stop on…

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7 Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger and Thinner

The hairstyles you wear affects how you feel and look. Some hairstyles can be aging, and rather than enhancing your entire look, you end up looking even 5 years older. Therefore, you must make informed decisions on the type of hairstyles to wear if you want a younger and thinner look. A hairstyle that brings…

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The Dos and Don’ts Of A Turkish Hair Transplant

Countless medical tourists travel to Turkey for a hair transplant every year. The country’s popularity among the follicly challenged is mainly due to the low cost of its hair transplant procedures. In the typical Turkish hair restoration clinic, a patient can secure virtually all of the most popular hair transplant procedures for half of what…

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DIY Skin Treatments for the Weekend

I usually associate DIY tips with fun recycling because most of the articles teach you easy and smart ways to use things you already have in house. It usually is a creative way to spent time and you can even develop new skills. DIY can certainly be a fulfilling activity. This DIY projects are dedicated…

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Lady Gaga Is Bald, Hence Talented

Lady Gaga performed bald on the Paul O’Grady Show. And then she put a wig on. All this while playing the piano. Planet Earth has imploded with talent. Is it just me or people seem to be too bedazzled by the fact that a person making millions of dollars in the music industry can actually…

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