Halloween Special: Top 10 Japanese Horrors

Many would say that the Japanese are the masters of horror. And at least judging by the number of Hollywood remakes after already successful Japanese flicks, that’s probably right. Surely it’s difficult to comprise the best of the best in a Top 10 list especially since Japanese horrors can also be diverse in style, but…

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Halloween Special: Top 10 Satanic Horrors

Well if you get a lot of Jesus and good deeds movies ’round Christmas, why wouldn’t you get the finest of Satan and pure evil on Halloween? Meaner than Samuel L. Jackson, more powerful than Chuck Norris and scarier than any imaginable demons, the Devil makes his way in cinema with class. 10. The House…

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Halloween Special: Top 10 Haunted House Movies

Alone on the night of Halloween? Or you’re with some friends or family and you just want to add some eeriness to the atmosphere? Well, a Haunted House Horror is one of the best choices when it comes to that. Although you might be hesitant in admitting that you believe in ghosts, some of these…

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