Ideal Rings for Coffee Lovers

Coffee is for millions of people, that tasty and energizing black beverage they can’t live without. Of course, in time, an overwhelmingly number of combinations and aromas have been created – each tastier than the other. The legend tells that 700 years ago, while out to pasture his sheep, an Ethiopian shepherd saw them eating leaves…

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Colored Pencils in Jewelry

The handmade boom has reached a peak nowadays. Everyone is either creating handmade jewelry or wearing it, most times both. Leather, beads, modelling clay, brass, copper are all materials that handmade artists work with in achieving themed jewelry. Basically, they just use whatever their imagination can lay its thoughts on. As a result, they resorted to pencils…

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Piranha Plants That Clip on Your Ears

I’m sure you all recognize the Super Mario game and also that you recall the Piranha Plants, one of the many enemies of Super Mario. Here is a small video reminder of the ever popular Super Mario: If you did remember the Piranha Plants, you’re going to love these earrings! If not, then you should…

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Super Mario Handmade Jewelry

Certainly you are more than familiar with the theme song of the well-known game Super Mario. Now it’s time to get familiar with the works of some plastic artists that were inspired by the game’s popularity and created some rather interesting things. I found some interesting earrings representing Piranha Plants from Super Mario, and to…

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Cute Food Rings By Japanese Artist Sofia Molnar

The era of handmade jewelry has turned everyone from an unknown cool chic playing around with fimo into an artist overnight. Tones of colorful and unusual earrings, bracelets, rings in the most unimaginable shapes are available for us to complete our outfits in original way. However, would you imagine just for a moment to wear…

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