The story of Banksy: The world as his canvas

Who Is Banksy? UK-based street artist Banksy is one of the most controversial street artists to emerge on the global stage today due to his politically- and philosophically-charged satirical street art. The works of Banksy have appeared in America, Australia, Canada, England, France, Israel, Jamaica and Palestine, making him one of the most famous international…

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Vasil Bojkov Collection: Theseus – A Recurring Hero on Ancient Pieces And in Greek Mythology

In the ancient Greek world, myths played a very significant role both in terms of history and politics. They were understood as a way to help people record history and historical moments, while also serving as an example or a model for various political programs. Nowadays myths are related to stories of gods and monsters,…

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Incredible Documentaries You Can Watch On YouTube

If you enjoy a good documentary from time to time, it might not come as a surprise that YouTube actually has tons of free to watch documentaries. From famous, controversial ones like Zeitgeist to new approaches toward technology, religion, environment and many more. Our world is a beautiful wonder and the man who can understand…

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Infographic: History of Valve

Valve is on of the biggest names in the gaming industry, developing and releasing classic series of games such as Half Life, Counter Strike or Portal. Here is a slice of the company’s history and their achievements. Click to enlarge image! Produced by www.Video Game Design

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Infographic: History Of The Internet

His idea involved a global computer network that allowed everyone to access information from anywhere in the world. Click to enlarge image! Source.

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