5 Reasons You Should Be Excited for the New Season of House

House Season 8 Poster, from TVBlog Our favorite shows are returning this fall with new seasons, and House M.D. has a lot of fans out there. Major things are going to happen at Princeton Plainsboro, new characters will be introduced and the lovely Lisa Cuddy, played by Lisa Elderstein, won’t be back at the hospital…

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L’Oreal Paris Presents: Hugh Laurie. Because He’s Worth It

You know him from the popular TV hit series House M.D, where he portrays the brilliant but antosocial doctor Gregory House. He also sings -recently, he released a blues album, Let them talk. And now he is the new face of L’Oreal Paris Men Expert products, joining Gerard Butler and Patrick Dempsey, fellow stars who…

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Hugh Laurie’s Got The Blues

If you’re a fan of classic blues or maybe you just have a crush on Hugh Laurie, mostly known for playing the brilliant but, let’s face it, antisocial (this clearly being an understatement) Doctor House in the hit TV series with the same name, you should definitely listen to his first album, Let them talk….

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