Romanians Recreate Rich Kids of Instagram into Hilarious Everyday Photos

The Internet never ceases to amaze us. In the social media hype, the hashtag #RichKidsOfInstagram is a much debated topic these days. Either you’re on Instagram or not, you’ve probably heard of the sensation caused by the account with the same name. With more than 100k followers, this is the place where wealthy teens flash…

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The History Of The Most Famous Internet Memes So Far

If you have been on the internet these last years, you most probably have noticed a funny phenomenon going on named “meme“. Truth is that it’s hard not to notice it, as almost any everyday situation is subject for a meme. The word that comes from the abbreviation of “mimeme” (which in turn comes from…

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Internet Meme: Third World Success

Forget about First World Problems, now we have Third World Successes! If you too have a twisted sense of humor, this internet meme is definitely for you. I have to admit, I actually feel bad for finding this hilarious. The meme gained popularity recently mostly via reddit. Although it caused a lot of laughs and…

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Even More Steve Jobs Jokes

After we had a selection of the worst (well, for sickos like us, the best) jokes about Steve Jobs’ death yesterday, today we have even more of them. The scum of the Internet still hasn’t had its last laugh on this event. Steve Jobs’ funeral will be held next week, after which he will be…

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Internet Meme: Chemistry Cat

You simply don’t find lolcats amusing anymore? And are you even remotely good at chemistry by any chance? Then this meme is for you. Chemistry Cat is probably the funniest thing that’s happened to the science of matter in its entire pokerfaced history. Also known as Science Cat, the meme gained popularity this summer, mostly…

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