The History Of Denim Fashion

As denim remains a popular material for a number of reasons, particularly for fashion and comfort, their humble beginnings are often overlooked. First used as a practical material for workers, this material has a number of uses that can benefit almost anyone. In this article, we will be looking into the history of denim fashion…

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Five Easy Ways to Join the Long-Lasting Fashion Revolution

The way we shop for clothes has changed. Gone are the days of buying good-quality clothes designed to last a lifetime. Today’s fashion is fast and throwaway. A study by British Children’s Charity, Barnardos showed that women in the UK wear clothes a shameful average of seven times before discarding them. The mainstream fashion industry…

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6 Ways to Wear Your Favorite Jeans

You probably have a staple style, a certain way of throwing together an outfit and a favorite pair of jeans that you wear with everything. But if you’re growing a little tired of putting the same ensembles together day after day, here are six new ways to wear your favorite jeans. Office-wear More and more…

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